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Internet Marketing FAQs


Q: What is SEO?

A: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. What this means is that the search engines (ie; Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) have certain ways of choosing what they show you when you submit a query (or a search), and SEO Specialists have certain ways of "optimizing" sites to get them ranked higher. One of the ways that they choose is by looking for keywords in specific places on websites. Another way is by looking all over the Internet trying to see if anyone is recommending your website as a great resource for information or service. When you put all of the ways they choose together, it is called an algorithm. So Wipple takes your site, and "optimizes" it based on what the algorithm is made up of. Wipples are placed on your website to point out those keywords, and then Wipples are sent all throughout the Internet to point back to your website! Wipple Web Advisors are constantly learning and training about the details of the search engines' algorithms so that you get the best search engine optimization possible.

Q: WhY Do You Talk About Wipples so Much?

A: Fantastic question! SEO specialists around the world have been using thousands of techniques for "optimizing" sites for so long, but never had anything to really tie it all together. Then, after much searching, the Wipples were found. Finally, business owners and Internet users had something on their side to rival the "spiders" and "bots" used by the search engines to comb the Internet for information. Wipples are the embodiment of anything SEO. You have an alt tag on your picture? A Wipple is there to attract the bots! You have a Description in your Metatags? A Wipple is there to make it clear to Google! Wherever you put information that you want Google to know about, a Wipple is there to help make it possible. So of course we're going to talk about them a lot! Wouldn't you?!

Q: How Do I decide What Level of Internet Marketing I need?

A: You must choose your Internet Marketing package based on your market size, and how aggressively you want to take over your market. Choose Economy if you are in a smaller market, and your keywords aren't too competitive. Choose Wipple if you are in a bit of a larger market, and your keywords are fairly competitive. Choose Wipple Team if you're in a good-sized market and your keywords are quite competitive. Choose Wipple Army if you're in a large market with very competitive keywords. A Wipple Web Advisor will be able to help you find keywords which will improve your business no matter which package you choose, but if you need more help choosing, feel free to call 1-360-901-1684 to talk to a Wipple Web Advisor now.

q: How many Companies in the same Market will you Represent?

A: Wipple will only represent 1 company for each keyword phrase. For example: Company A has a Wipple Package for "electrician tampa," "electricians tampa," "electrical contractor tampa," "electrician tampa fl," and "electrician tampa florida." We will sell a package to another Tampa Electrician, but we will not allow that electrician to choose any of the phrases already chosen by Company A.