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What is a wipple?

You've met the Androids who assist with your cell phone network, and the Minions that help Despicable Me's evil plans turn into beautiful realities, and today, you'll meet the Wipples.  

What is a WippleA Wipple is a little creature created to help your website move from unknown online, to dominating your market in only a few months.

Most people know that Google and other search engines use “spiders” and “bots” to search the Internet for great websites to recommend to internet users, but what do website owners have working for them?!

Now, you can say that you have the Wipples on your side!

Wipples are placed throughout your website by the Wipple Web Advisors to show the “spiders” and “bots” the important parts of your website.  After being placed on your website, other Wipples are released throughout the Internet to point back to your site, giving you legitimacy throughout the Internet.

You need Wipples if you want high quality traffic to come to your site.

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