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Frequently Asked Hosting Questions


Q: How to Host Website Files

A: People often ask us how we even go about hosting website files. Here is the technical answer: Website files are digital copies of the code that makes up your website. Along with the code, the images for the website and any other files you have on your site (ie; a blog, or support system) are all saved on to a server. The Internet is made up of tons of servers all over the world, and that's how people can access your website; from the server your website files are hosted on.

Q: Do Websites go down for no Reason?

A: Our servers are maintained by an incredible technical support staff. None of our clients have ever complained about their website going down, but if by some chance you did notice that your site was down, all you would need to do is put a call into your Wipple Web Advisor, and he/she would take care of the rest. A support ticket would be placed with the tech department, and your website would be up in no time.

Q: Can Wipple Host My Domain-Based Email?

A: Wipple can DEFINITELY host your domain-based email! We provide a very nice email interface for you called Horde email. You just access it by going to (or .net or .org depending on your site's suffix). If you don't want to have a Horde email account for your domain-based email, we will work with you to find an option that better suits your needs.

Q: How Much Does Hosting Cost?

A: If the only product you are using Wipple for is its hosting, the cost is $20 for the first month, and $10 for each subsequent month. On the other hand, if you are using Wipple's First Page Promise Internet Marketing, your hosting is absolutely free.

q: How many Email Accounts are Included in the fee?

A: Up to 20 email addresses are covered in the regular fee. If you desire more email addresses, you will only be charged for the set-up time.