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Frequently Asked Website Questions


Q: How Much Does a Website Cost?

A: It completely depends on where you go, and how complicated you want your website to be. At Wipple, we charge $250/page. This price is the same whether you want a plain HTML site, or a CMS site. There are pros and cons to both. Now, if you want to add some fancy stuff to your site (ie flash animation, databases, shopping carts etc) there are extra charges for that. If you want some of the fancy extras, just call and talk to a Wipple Web Advisor; they will answer all of your questions!

Q: How many Pages Should My Website Have?

A: This is a great question. We recommend that your website have at least 5 pages. Some people, though, start off with a 1-3 page website if they just don't have enough capital for a bigger site, and that is just fine! Within a few months, you will be making more money from your website, and you'll be able to upgrade your site at $250/page.

Q: How Long Does it Take to Create a Website?

A: Wipple knows that you've been treated poorly by other website design companies before, and we know that you deserve better than that! That's why we have a 30-day website-completion policy. It is expressly written in our contract, that as long as we have your website content to us promptly, we will have your website 100% completed within 30 days of you signing the contract.

Q: Who Writes the Content for my Website?

A: You will be writing the majority of the content for your website; it definitely works better that way. You know your business more than anyone, and you will be able to portray your business best. The Wipple Web Advisors do have a role in your content creation, though. Once you submit all of your website content, the Wipple Web Advisors will comb through it for gramatical errors, add a bit of marketing language, and finally optimize the content for you (if you are an Internet Marketing customer).

q: Who Provides the Images for My Website?

A: You are responsible for providing the images for your website. If you would like Wipple to find images that compliment your website, we will do that for you, but you will be charged for the licensing of the images.